Avi8ted Thoughts

I am Charlton Woodyard II, a social entrepreneur and global lifestyle influencer from Washington D.C, whose purpose is to inspire Millennials to find what I call their "Avi8ted Thoughts" and provide guidance in how to bring them to fruition.  I believe that business is simply a function of culture, and that people are more important than profits. My passions include sustainability, culture, travel, and business.  


  • Over Achievers Entertainment [Event Marketing/Management Firm]- Co-Founder

  • CREATE.IO [Real Estate Development Platform]- Investor

  • The Washington Time [Media Outlet]- Media Coordinator

  • Sirius XM [Media Outlet]- Co-host

  • Howard Stirk Holdings [Media company]- Business/Creative Coordinator

  • Ben's Next Door [Restaurant]- Business Consultant

  • Capitol Real Estate Partners [Real Estate Brokerage]- Real Estate Strategist/Agent


Current Projects

  • Avi8ted Holdings [Business Development Company]- Founder

    • Avi8ted Thoughts [Lifestyle Brand]- Founder

    • Avi8ted Media Group [Media Company]- Founder

    • Avi8ted Solutions [Consulting Company]- Founder

  • Temprince Holdings [Short & Long Equity Hedge Fund]- Investor/Partner

  • GreenTech Ventures [Algae Tech]- Investor/Partner

  • Fundrise [Crowdfunded Real Estate Development]- Investor


My goal is to create a global community of Avi8ted Thinkers, as well as sustainable work-play-live hubs called Avi8ted House, for the purpose of creating positive cultural and environmental realities globally.