Avi8ted Thoughts

I am Charlton Woodyard II, a social entrepreneur and global lifestyle influencer whose purpose is to inspire Millennials to find what I call their "Avi8ted Thoughts" and provide guidance in how to bring them to fruition.  After graduating from Georgetown Day School, a prestigious private school in Washington, D.C, I quickly dove in entrepreneurship. My first company was Over Achievers Entertainment, a boutique event marketing and management firm focused on creating unique experiences and sponsored events. It was during this time that I learned the art of creating culture, and how to leverage resources to create a lifestyle that attracted others. Over Achievers quickly became a well-known company in the D.C area, whose events attracted thousands weekly, and netted millions in revenue in the first few years. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied. I did not see this as something that would ultimately fulfill me, or make the world a better place. I wanted to create something that empowered people to believe in themselves and the world as I did, thus Avi8ted Thoughts Lifestyle brand was born. 

As the son of an serial entrepreneur who owned a local menswear clothing brand, growing up around the design and manufacturing process, I quickly learned I had a passion for creating. At age 11, I designed his first garments, which my father’s tailor then produced. Despite these early advances, I did not consider fashion a serious business opportunity until incorporating Avi8ted Thoughts on August 25, 2008, at age 21. This came two years after the start of my first company, Over Achiever Entertainment. Having dropped out of Hampton University in order to pursue entrepreneurship, I later earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Fashion and Retail Management from the Art Institute of Washington in 2012.

Amidst building Avi8ted Thoughts, I chose to pursue a career in media. I worked for the Washington Times newspaper as the Media Coordinator, and for Howard Stirk Holdings II (a broadcast television company) as a Business/Creative Coordinator. While holding these positions, I received extremely valuable media production and advertising knowledge and resources. I also gained experience in Public Relations and campaign and platform development.

Now at age 31, I am focused on building a business ecosystem focused on leveraging resources for the purpose of positive global impact culturally and environmentally.  For this reason, I have founded Avi8ted Holdings, a parent corporation, through which I have invested in Temprince Holdings (Hedge Fund), GreenTech Ventures (Proprietary Algae), Fundrise (Crowdfunding for Real Estate), as well as, its own subsidiaries: Avi8ted Thoughts (Lifestyle Brand), Avi8ted Media Group (Media Company), and Avi8ted Solutions (Consulting Company).  My ultimate goal is to develop a global work-play-live model called Avi8ted House, designed to provide members with resources to bring their Avi8ted thoughts to fruition, and participate in the global digital economy.  



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