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Business DEvelopment

It’s the truth in business, and the truth in life. Those who with the ability to foresee and navigate the unexpected experience increased personal and professional success. This is something I understand better than most, because I’ve been there myself.

No matter whether it's life or ideas that are coming at you fast, I can help bring your Avi8ted Thoughts to fruition.

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impact investing

I am focused on building a business ecosystem which leverages resources for the purpose of positive global impact culturally and environmentally.  For this reason, I have founded Avi8ted Holdings, a parent corporation and Impact Investment firm, through which I have invested in Temprince Holdings [Hedge Fund], GreenTech Ventures [Proprietary Algae], Fundrise [Crowdfunding for Real Estate], as well as, developed subsidiaries: Avi8ted Thoughts [Lifestyle Brand], Avi8ted Media Group [Media Company], and Avi8ted Solutions [Consulting Company].  The goals is to develop a global sustainable work-play-live model called Avi8ted House, designed to provide members resources to bring their Avi8ted thoughts to fruition, and participate in the global digital economy. 

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Public speaking

I am a passionate millennial speaker who enjoys discussing topics such as entrepreneurship, cultural experiences, and inspiration. I have spoken both domestically and internationally, and never deliver the same speech twice!